Our Laboratories

Our laboratory is fully equipped with all that is required to perform gelatin testing according to G.M.I.A. (Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America) procedures.    read more »

What Tests Are Performed On Gelatin?

Vyse Gelatin Company follows the Official Procedures of the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America, Incorporated (GMIA). Vyse Gelatin Company uses the most current USP/NF methods for all microbiological and chemical testing of our gelatin.    read more »

Stability Information (Shelf Life)

If gelatin is stored in a tightly sealed poly-lined container in normal indoor conditions, it will remain stable indefinitely. It can be re-tested annually to insure that it has maintained its integrity.    read more »

Gluten in Gelatin

The gelatin we sell is a purified extraction of animal collagen. All Vyse Gelatin Company gelatin is Gluten Free.    read more »