About Gelatin

Gelatin Q&A

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Some of the many uses of Gelatin

Value of Gelatin as Protein Supplement

Even though gelatin lacks the amino acid Tryptophane, it can still serve as a valuable protein supplement. Studies have shown that up to 50% of muscle protein in a meat product can be replaced with gelatin while keeping the same nutritive value.    read more »

Type A & B Process Definition

Gelatin Pork - Type A Identifies the process of Acid treated raw materials Typically used on pork due to young age of animal. Processing in acid solution allows for faster breakdown of the pig skin collagen but is less efficient on beef. 
Gelatin Beef - Type B Identifies the process of Base treated beef hides. A saturated lime solution is typically used on beef hides instead of acid since it is more effective in breaking down beef collagen and gives a better yield.

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How safe is Gelatin?

The manufacturing of gelatin must meet regulations established by the Food & Drug Administration in the U.S. and Health Canada in Canada.    read more »